Pandora: A Raccoon’s Journey

A Novel for Middle School Kids

When Maggie brings home a baby raccoon and tries to raise it as a pet two journeys begin, Maggie’s and the raccoon’s. Life on the McEaddy farm takes some unexpected turns as the raccoon tries to understand the constraints of civilized life and Maggie learns what it means to be a wild animal.

Good writing, an interesting plot, and a sensitive understanding of both human and raccoon nature. Pandora takes an unusually honest and clearheaded approach to the question of what happens to a wild animal that is kept as a pet. Pandora is smart, strong-minded, and freedom-loving, always causing trouble in a human household. . . .Before the story ends, Pandora has had a narrow escape from death, and readers have been given an unsentimental picture of a relationship many kids long for without understanding its implications.

—Faith McNulty, The New Yorker


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